Director, Community Visiting and Advocacy: Karen Jabbour

Karen Jabbour is the Director of Community Visiting and Advocacy and is responsible for supporting the protection of human rights, choice, interests, views and wishes of adults, children and young people residing at visitable locations. Karen leads a team of more than 100 Community Visitors who operate across Queensland, covering a geographic area of 1.7 million kilometres.

Karen is extremely passionate about the need to advocate for the human rights of individuals experiencing disadvantage or exposure to vulnerability. Her career to date reinforces her clear ambition to support others to live well in an empowered and choice-filled way, and to protect their rights and interests.

Before commencing in the role as the Director of Community Visiting and Advocacy, Karen spent time as the State-wide Director for Youth Justice and Family Violence in another jurisdiction. Karen is a former Australian Federal Police Detective who has worked in general duties, drug squad, fraud and general crime, sexual assault and juvenile aid branches across Australia. Karen has also managed an employee relations and investigations team who held responsibility to investigate allegations of misconduct, undertake internal reviews of decisions across government and to manage appeal processes as part of administrative law procedures for ACT Government.

Karen has formal qualifications in Commerce, Leadership, Investigations (Criminal and Administrative Law), Forensic Science (Crime Scene Investigation) and Forensic Studies (Criminalistics, Criminology and Forensic Medicine).