Geotagging on Vimeo.

Geotagging is a feature on the internet where it allows people to know where you took a picture or posted something on social media by adding a geographical identification. Although this can be a good thing, be careful when using geotags. There is a risk of ‘social surveillance by GPS’ with geotagging where people pinpoint your location and use this information inappropriately. Here are some tips to using geotagging safely:

  • Be aware of that the images you take on smart phones and some cameras use geotagging
  • Understand that there are risks involved in using geotags
  • Know when to use the geotagging feature and when not to. There will be occasions when it’s clearly not appropriate to use geotagging on images, especially when you are sharing information about a private residence including your house, school, hotel room
  • Know how to disable your mobile or cameras geotagging feature
  • If using geotagging websites (like facebook), control with great care the people who are able to see where you’re located
  • Be aware where you post your pictures and what geotagged information you leave