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Natalie Siegel-Brown

Public Guardian Natalie Siegel-BrownNatalie Siegel-Brown is the Queensland Public Guardian. Natalie is an independent statutory appointment of the Queensland Government – she is not a public servant. Natalie has been vested by the government with all the decision-making powers of the Public Guardian under the Public Guardian Act 2014, the Guardianship and Administration Act 2000 and the Powers of Attorney Act 1998. Natalie is also the CEO of the Office of the Public Guardian, which comprises over 300 staff across Queensland.

Natalie is passionate about advocating for the human rights of people experiencing vulnerability. Her career has been underpinned by her drive to protect the rights and interests of children and young people in the child protection system, in addition to adults who have impaired decision-making capacity. Before taking up the role as Public Guardian, Natalie was an Executive Director with the NSW Department of Family and Community Services where she led the child protection, domestic violence, carers, ageing and disability portfolios for the State.

Natalie began life as a lawyer but very quickly found herself working on the ground with Aboriginal communities on violence-prevention initiatives. Natalie has worked with communities from Cape York to the Western Desert.

As Natalie’s career progressed she was fortunate enough to lead organisations across all three sectors - public, private and non-government organisations.

Natalie spent a number of years as the State Manager of the Queensland Government's family violence portfolio where she was awarded for leadership excellence in family violence prevention. After managing the child protection, sexual violence and mental health portfolios of an Aboriginal Medical Service in the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia, she conducted child death reviews, analysing and recommending positive reforms to address systemic child protection and early intervention failures in both Victoria and Western Australia.

Natalie’s work in Indigenous Affairs and legal service policy has been published internationally and in 2002, she was awarded the inaugural Gowling Lafleur Henderson Award (University of Toronto). In addition to Law and Arts Degrees, Natalie also holds an Executive Certificate from Harvard University, a Graduate Certificate in Corporate Management and has completed a Masters degree in Public Politics and Administration.

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