Join our team of Investigators

Our Investigations Team is based out of our Brisbane City office. They investigate whether the decision making arrangements for an adult with impaired decision making capacity are appropriate and adequate, and means the adults is free of abuse, neglect and exploitation. A large percentage of our investigators work is investigating elder abuse, which can be financial abuse, and cases where the adult is not getting their day to day needs met or are prevented from participating in meaningful activities.

An investigator collects and analyses a wide array of information and evidence, including financial and medical records. They also conducts visits to the adult and interviews interested parties to gather additional information. Our investigators need strong skills in applying the law to the facts, writing detailed reports, and making findings and recommendations about future actions.

Investigators take proactive actions when abuse is identified including making applications to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT).

We are looking for investigators with a strong interest in social justice who may have experience in government investigations or law enforcement.

To find out more about being an Investigations Officer check out our ‘day in the life’.

Current vacancies

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