What do we take into account when deciding whether to make a residential aged care decision?

a) The scope of the Public Guardian’s appointment by the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT). A residential aged care placement can be considered if the QCAT order includes an appointment for accommodation matters.

b) The person’s views and wishes, and their ability to participate in the decision-making process.

c) Whether all reasonable attempts to source and trial in-home supports have been made.

d) The appropriateness of the proposed facility to meet the person’s:

  • medical/support needs
  • cultural/linguistic/religious needs
  • ability to access and participate in community life and activities.

e) The views and wishes of the person’s family and friends.

f) The location of the facility and its proximity to family and community supports.

g) The accreditation status of the aged care facility.

h) Any specialist advice from doctors or other health professionals.

i) The person’s ability to pay (as advised by their financial administrator).

j) For people under 65 years of age, whether all options for them to remain living in age-appropriate settings in the community have been exhausted.