Community Visitor Program

Queensland’s Community Visitor Program (visiting program) forms part of the statutory framework of the Public Guardian Act 2014. The program protects the rights and interests of adults living in visitable sites, and children and young people living in visitable locations across Queensland. A visitable location for a child or young person could be a foster home, the home of a kinship carer, a residential care facility, a youth detention or adult correctional centre, disability service or mental health facility.

Queensland’s visiting program is the most comprehensive in Australia; more than 100 community visitors work across 13 zones covering a geographic area of 1.7 million kilometres. A Regional Visiting Manager oversees each zone, providing local support and supervision to community visitors within their zone. Community visitors work from home throughout Queensland, and receive support from policy and practice officers and a centrally based visiting support team in Brisbane.

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The purpose of the visitor program

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Blue book

Reporting a visitable site to the Public Guardian

Form for service providers to notify the Public Guardian of an NDIS visitable site.

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What does a Community Visitor for children do?

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What does a Community Visitor for adults do?

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Request a visit from the community visitor program

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