Making a complaint about a service provider or government department

OPG Community Visitors protect the rights and interests of adults living in visitable sites, and children and young people living in visitable sites and homes across Queensland. A very important part of a Community Visitor’s role is to raise issues, inquiries or complaints on behalf of clients at these sites. Community Visitors, as a part of their role, can also make complaints directly to service providers or government organisations where they have identified issues.

OPG child advocate legal officers can also refer on complaints on behalf of any child or young person at these visitable locations. Similarly, OPG guardians advocate for the rights and interests of our guardianship clients, and this may involve supporting a client to make a complaint about another organisation.

Where it is appropriate, Community Visitors and guardians will support a child or adult to make a complaint themselves, but when needed they will make a complaint on their behalf.

Community Visitors will also often work with service providers to resolve issues at a local level, but in some of these instances it will also be appropriate for the Community Visitor to also make a formal complaint to the appropriate organisation to ensure the matter is formally recognised.

Additionally, if the complaint OPG has made is in regards to a breach or limit of human rights and the relevant organisation doesn’t provide an adequate response within 45 days, OPG can help adults and children refer the complaint to the Queensland Human Rights Commission.

If you would like OPG’s help to make a complaint about a visitable location or another organisation, please get in touch with a Community Visitor or contact us.

It’s important to note that this type of complaint is about a visitable location and external organisations, not about OPG. If you would like to make a complaint about OPG go to the ‘Making a complaint about OPG’ section.