FAQs for community visitors

Q. Who is the Office of the Public Guardian?

A. The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) is an independent statutory office that protects the rights and interests Queensland’s most vulnerable children, young people and adults living in out-of-home care.

Q. What does a Community Visitor do?

A. OPG community visitors (CVs) provide help and support to Queensland’s most vulnerable people. Child CVs visit children and young people in a foster home, the home of a kinship carer, a residential care facility, a youth detention or adult correctional centre, disability service or mental health facility. They work with child advocacy officers to ensure that a child or young person’s needs are met and that their concerns, views and wishes are listened to and considered. Adult CVs independently monitor accommodation where vulnerable adults live. They can also make inquiries and lodge complaints for, or on behalf of, residents. There are a number of fact sheets available here.

Q. How many hours will I work?

A. The CV role is casual in nature and therefore there is no guarantee of the number of hours that a CV will work each week. The hours vary depending on the CV’s performance and the operational needs of the zone – i.e. how many locations are unassigned and how many CVs the zone has to visit those locations. As an approximate guideline CVs work a minimum of 10 hours per week, with the capacity to build up to around 36 hours per week. Work is allocated by a CV’s Regional Visiting Manager.

Q. When will I do the work?

A. The CV role provides flexibility but also requires a certain degree of flexibility from the CV with the expectation that work will be completed within required timeframes. Visits are often conducted after school and early evening. Child visits are scheduled directly with carers /residential co-coordinators. Adult visits are primarily unannounced. Local resolution and advocacy activities are conducted during normal business hours shortly after visits are conducted.

Q. How much is a CV paid?

A. CVs are employed on a casual basis in accordance with the Public Service Act 2014, and the Community Visitor Terms and Conditions of Appointment. The hourly rate is $45.83 which includes 23% loading. CVs are paid for the work they complete.

Q. Can I keep my current job and work as a CV?

A. Some applicants will have a conflict of interest if they continue in their current roles as well as working for the OPG. The Community Visitor Terms and Conditions of Appointment details the roles that preclude a person from being appointed (or continuing to be appointed) as a Community Visitor. Applicants will need to complete an “Other Employment” form.

Q. What qualifications do I need to have?

A. There are no formal qualifications required for this position.

Q. What do I need to have for the role?

A. Applicants will need to have:

  • Their own vehicle which is required to be fully insured for business use
  • A working computer and printer and a basic knowledge of computer operations
  • A secure home office from which to work.

Q. Will I be required to travel as part of the role?

A. Depending on the zone you work in, you may be required to travel. CVs visit in all areas of Queensland including remote communities, indigenous communities, and the islands of the Torres Strait.

Q. Will I receive training?

A. CVs attend induction training which provides training on relevant policies and procedures, report writing, the two in-house database systems, finance and claim processes.