OPG for children and young people

How can a child community visitor help?

OPG community visitors play an important role in child advocacy. They are available whenever a child or young person needs their help, support or advice; this could be about their care arrangements, their rights, or simply matters that are concerning them.

Every child coming into care, or re-entering care, receives a visit from a community visitor and then regular visits are determined based on the child or young person’s individual needs.

Some examples of what a community visitor might help a child with are:

  • making sure their needs are being met in the place they are living
  • expressing a child or young person’s views to their child safety officer
  • helping to resolve problems or disputes
  • helping them become independent when they leave care.

How can a child advocate—legal officer help?

Through a statewide team of legal officers, the OPG provides children and young people in the child protection system with advice, information, help and support by:

  • providing information and advice about legal matters they are concerned about
  • helping them to have their views heard and taken into consideration when decisions are made that affect their care arrangements at family group meetings, court and tribunal hearings
  • providing support in court conferences and organise legal and other representation
  • helping bring an application before a court or tribunal in relation to decisions made by child safety, or in relation to child protection orders
  • helping a child or young person who is having trouble regarding suspensions or exclusions from school