COVID-19 update

OPG is returning to face to face client visits

The continued easing of restrictions due to Queensland’s strong response to the COVID-19 pandemic means we have been able to rapidly progress our plans to return to face to face client visits.

While OPG staff have stayed connected to clients over the past few months using alternative technologies such as phone and video conferencing technologies, face to face visits are generally preferable. This is especially for Community Visitors, as a key part of their role is to monitor the environments in which our clients reside.

That’s why planning for a return to face to face visiting has been a top priority for us, and we have already started face to face visits to our most vulnerable adult and child clients where a screening checklist has showed it is safe to do so.

From 13 July 2020, in line with phase three of Queensland’s Roadmap to Easing COVID-19 restrictions, it is hoped we will return to visiting as normal. Where appropriate we may continue to supplement these visits with phone and video conferencing.

OPG staff will follow COVIDsafe planning processes and proactively assess their own health as well as the health of those we visit, to minimise risks to both our staff and clients. We will also continue to follow all Government guidelines, and should there be any tightening of restrictions at a later date we will review our visiting procedures.

As ever OPG staff are available via phone or email if you need to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have between visits.