Our policies

This section provides access to our policies, charters and procedures for delivering our functions and responsibilities. Some OPG policies are exempted from access or otherwise limited under the RTI Act because they contain sensitive operational information which is not in the public interest to release. Those accessible are listed below.

Code of Conduct

  • The Code of Conduct for the Queensland Public Service applies to the employees of Queensland public service agencies. View policy

Client complaint management

  • The client complaint management policy clearly outlines the process and hierarchy of complaint handling within DJAG. It ensures that we meet all legislative and audit requirements. View policy

Privacy and Disclaimer notice

  • The Information Privacy Act 2009 recognises the importance of protecting the personal information of individuals. View privacy notice and disclaimer notice

Public Interest Disclosure policy

  • OPG has a commitment to ensuring the highest level of ethics in our organisation. As such OPG supports public interest disclosures (PID). Making a PID means a disclosure of information by a public officer or any person without wrongdoing in the public sector to a proper authority as outlined in the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010. Reporting suspected wrongdoing is vital to the integrity of OPG and the Queensland public sector. View policy